News-Watch Reports

European Election Survey – Summer 2014

News-watch monitored nine BBC programmes for a period of six weeks between Monday 21 April and Sunday 1 June 2014. The BBC Radio 4 programmes selected for monitoring and analysis were: Today; the World at One (including the World This Weekend each Sunday); PM; The Six O’clock News; The World Tonight. The television broadcasts comprised the three main BBC1 bulletins – News at One, News at Six and News at Ten – and BBC 2’s Newsnight.

The survey interval focused on the 31 days preceding the European election, polling day itself, and 10 days subsequent to the election. This 42 day period equated to approximately 280 hours of broadcasting.

News-watch Survey – Winter 2013

This latest survey covers fourteen weeks between September 16 and December 21, 2013 and encompasses every word spoken about the EU over 84 editions, adding up 251 separate items and a total of 121,000 words. The analysis is based on widely accepted data analysis techniques used by academics in media schools at universities such as Leeds and Loughborough.

News-watch Survey – Winter 2011

This survey investigates the Today programme’s coverage of EU news and current affairs for an eleven-week interval between Monday 3 October and Saturday 17 December 2011. Newswatch  monitored and analysed each edition of the programme in its entirety. All programme items were timed and logged, and all which were relevant to the European Union or its relationship with the UK were transcribed in full.

Unpublished Research Paper – Summer 2011

Although News-watch carried out a monitoring project as usual in Summer 2011, a full report on the survey was not compiled.  Instead, the statistics gathered were utilised in subsequent reports, and time instead was spent compiling a research paper providing a longditudinal overview of the work we had completed since 1999, looking at issues including Withdrawal, Bias by Omission, and the BBC Complaints Procedure.