BBC Bias Digest 17 July 2020

BBC ‘FACES FRESH IMPARTIALITY QUESTIONS’: Paul Revoir, noting that Guido Fawkes had found evidence that BBC community affairs correspondent Rianna Croxford had made a series of pro-Labour and anti-Boris Johnson tweets, said the Corporation was facing fresh questions about its impartiality. Mr Revoir said that Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell had observed that it was hard for people to have confidence in BBC staff when they made such blatant political points, and urged that  the Corporation should pick people who were more neutral in their politics to gain respect and trust. Mr Revoir noted that the BBC had said Ms Croxford had expressed her political views  while still at university and were ‘completely irrelevant’ to her current role.


HATRED OF TRUMP ‘IS WARPING NEWS’: John Sopel, the BBC’s Washington reporter,  had warned British broadcasters that they must resist adapting the adversarial tone of US cable news networks ‘that had been driven mad by the hatred of Trump’ (Is the BBC Biased? 17/7). It was also reported that Mr Sopel had claimed that if people in the UK turned on the BBC, they would get a ‘pretty fair and balanced view’.  One commenter on the site responded: ‘Sopel just quite blatantly and openly extracting the Michael here. Every one of his reports from the US, in which he invariably dances about like some sort of performing monkey, is an open attack on President Trump. His Twitter feed is just a litany of hatred for the man.‘

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