For Europe, Against the EU

For Europe, Against the EU

The case for leaving the EU has never been put by the BBC in a programme wholly dedicated to the ‘out’ case. By contrast, the Corporation has, over many years, broadcast an unbalanced barrage of pro-EU material – as is documented on this site – and in March 2015, presented in prime time The Great European Disaster Movie, made by euro-fanatics Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott. This was, as Toby Young wrote in the Telegraph, concentrated multi-pronged pro-EU propaganda, with the added twist that it envisaged that major civil unrest in the UK would be a consequence of departure. Young’s parting line in his review of the programme was that he wondered when the BBC would broadcast a similar programme from the ‘exit’ perspective.  The answer is ‘never’.

That is why For Europe, Against the EU, a film by the Spiked website is so important. Uninterrupted by the BBC injecting its own warped version of ‘balance’, it spells out some of the core arguments for leaving the EU and nails once and for all the prevailing myth so often perpetuated by the BBC, that being anti-EU is absolutely not the same as being anti-‘Europe’ and thus xenophobic.

This is what the folk at Spiked! say about their film:

At spiked we have long made the case that the EU is a deadweight around the neck of this exciting continent, limiting the power of its peoples and submitting its parliaments to petty bureaucracy and diktat. In this 20-minute film, featuring Brian Denny, Daniel Hannan, Kate Hoey, Tim Stanley and Bruno Waterfield, we make the democratic case for voting Leave on 23 June.

We argue that the referendum is an opportunity for the British public to strike out against the risk-averse, technocratic elites of Brussels and Whitehall, and an opportunity to inspire publics across Europe to do the same.

Do watch it. It’s revelation to hear the full case for British exit!

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